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Hotel Porto Pozzo is located in the Porto Pozzo district of Santa Teresa di Gallura (Sardinia) . The hotel is situated 7km from the town, along the road that leads to Palau. Thanks to its position, the hotel is the ideal place to enjoy a relaxing holiday in Sardinia , and it is also a great base from which to explore the most enchanting beaches in this beautiful part of the world.

5 islands, each displaying a different side of Sardinia...

The 'islands' of the Hotel Porto Pozzo are represented by stylishly decorated junior suite complete with every imaginable comfort. Each 'island' includes a precious gallery of images that describe the real Sardinia, where expert hands have crafted the fruits of the land for generations.
Isola Madre Intreccio Filigrana COralli Tessitura
Isola Madre Intreccio Filigrana Coralli Tessitura